Professional Development

IMAGE will show you how to use the art of EDUtainment as a powerful and effective teaching tool. The only requirements are your commitment to the kids and an open mind!

According to a recent study, it is estimated that children ages 8-18 are plugged into some kind of device at least 6 hours a day! There is NO way to compete with that, you have to simply use those devices as collaborators to your method.  IMAGE is excited to work with your staff in order to ensure your students receive the best 21st Century learning experience. Our forward thinking team of NYS Certified teachers, artists and professionals are experienced, innovative and ready for action!

Each PD session is 9am-2pm  and includes a creative component, not often offered in other PD sessions, that you can share with your students and colleagues for years to come!

Multimedia Arts Evo/Revolution (5 sessions – $12,000):

Don’t be afraid of technology – Embrace it!

Ok, so the morning bell rings and the kids meander into the classroom. Now most schools have some announcement system and in some cases even have some sort of broadcast system, that informs the school of what’s going on. For the 21st Century Student/school however, we believe that this process not only sets the pace for the day, but it sets a tone of creation in a student – which is a great way to get kids focussed and feeling good about the day ahead!

IMAGE will show you how to turn the morning announcements into a school-wide event that takes place every day, for an entire year! It’s awesome fun and really easy to make your own!

Learn how to create and infuse digital media and literacy into your classroom!

The beauty about digital media production and literacy is that it’s wholly adaptable and each teacher can easily make it their own! At the conclusion of this workshop, you will have produced a video that brings the elements of multimedia together into a short yet powerful broadcast, that will showcase all the schools’ happenings and goings on!

Hip-Hop in the Classroom (5 sessions-$12,000):

Hip-Hop music has become a way of life. It has transcended race, economics and gender and inserted itself into the historical abstract of American culture.  Learn how to dispel the hip-hop myths of sexual/racial objectification, money and drugs. IMAGE can show you how to pull out the positivity and use your’ student’s voice – through the biggest voice in youth culture…hip-hop!


You don’t have to be world renown hip-hop producer or even aspiring one; you don’t have to have an advanced degree in sound engineering orc composition; you don’t need to know how to play an instrument or even know how to sing! We will teach you the history and the influence of hip-hop culture and how you can use hip-hop in the classroom for your lessons, incentives and EDUtainment. Learn how to compose and produce crafty hip-hop music videos that not only reach the kids, but gets them the message; whether it’s content related or simply letting them know you care! The impression will last a life time! At the completion of this workshop you will have produced an amazing hip-hop video that will show your kids, your new-found “street cred-worthy” skillz!

Drama Teach! (3 sessions-$6000):


DramaTeach has a simple mission: Change the behavior, and train for the future! We are dedicated to developing the interest and abilities of students and adults considered to be high-risk, both educationally and socially.

DramaTeach is known for using imaginative and interactive techniques to communicate with and redirect youth, to raise awareness and motivate adults, and to train and create confidence in staff! Our clients can attest to the program performance and the astounding results.

The program content is delivered with dramatic interpretation of real-life situations, and the audience participates in the skits, discussions, exercises, and competitive activities.

Ok, so since teaching all day is like being on stage anyways, why not take some of the pressure off and pass it along to the kids? Just walk down the hall or the street on any given day and watch the theater of life unfold. You will see that kids especially spend half of the day, acting out some kind of scene for their peers, teachers or self!

Learn how to apply simple drama techniques to your lessons by a seasoned film and stage professional! IMAGE’ Brandon Williamson will show you fun activities, easy to learn improv games and simple yet effective techniques that will instantly turn your classroom or school into a living-breathing actors studio!  Upon conclusion of this workshop you will have produced your own series of dramatic scenes, edited down and put to DVD to share with all!


Call 716 465 5111 or email us now!


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