After School

From live performance to the business acumen to manage it, The IMAGE Out Of School Lab offers your students a holistic deep arts experience. Our NYS Certified teaching staff along with the experience of seasoned and renown local, regional and national artists offers your students a chance to be who they truly feel they are and trains them to be social and arts entrepreneurs in the process! This community driven collaboration is unprecedented in Buffalo, especially in areas of the disadvantaged! Check out our WIVB coverage!

Each after school session is a semester long performance-based project. We simply pick a theme and produce a multimedia event, that’s fun for the entire community.

Here’s a performance from a program we did at King Urban Life Center (KULC) in ’07!

Here’s how it works:

Every school day from 3:30-5:30 we offer a “round-robin” style of programing that allows students to productively use time for homework, play/create music aligned with the predetermined theme, produce video content, choreograph dance routines and receive entertainment industry business training by designing the web pages and social marketing skills and application necessary for the event in which they are performing in.

This is a much sought after program and space is limited, so inquire and book us now!

Pricing is based on the project. Call 716 465 5111 and ask for Eric


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