IMAGE Urban Arts is the 1st official ‘AFTER SCHOOL’! IN or OUT of school, IMAGE is Western New York’s premiere 21st Century Education MultiMedia and EDUtainment resource. From hip-hop music to 2030 professional development, the IMAGE team of professional artists and NYS certified teachers will engage your child and invigorate school culture.

What is EDUtainment, anyways? 

EDUtainment is the art of blending entertainment and education together in order to invigorate an exciting learning experience for BOTH the teacher and student.

Whether helping a child perform to their fullest potential in the classroom or in lights on the BIG STAGE , or helping teachers/schools learn how to infuse the trends of pop culture into their learning environment, IMAGE is here to help.

We have a plethora of in and out of school student programs and professional development programs for you to choose from that are taught by our team of  NYS Certified Teachers, who are also successful artists and astute business professionals in their own right. Along with amazing performances, innovative programs and professional development – IMAGE offers students, teachers and schools an alternative and/or an addition to their arts and business programs.



To be an instructional multimedia resource for those striving to be essential schools, poised for 21st century education.

We provide a safe and inviting plattform that encourages individual expression through the arts and progressive social entrepreneurship training. We teach directly to the student NOT to the test and believe that while it might indeed take a village – everyONE in the village needs to be accountable and play their part. We are built on methods of open mindedness, acceptance and forward thinking and for IMAGE  – “keeping it real” is not just fancy urban slang….

It’s a way of life.


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